About Us

With over 40 years of experience in the plastic products industry, King Plastic industries have become the trusted partner for families looking to improve their homes with quality household plastic products. We have done this by continuously providing functional and innovative products rooted in fresh concept designs that are crafted from only the best materials of today.

Owner with staff
We strive to offer the best quality plastic products in innovative designs and affordable prices to make your surroundings a better place. Mr. Muhammad Aslam exerted himself astronomically and strenuously founded the business all by himself in early 70’s. Afterward handed over the business to his son Mr. Rizwan Aslam in 1994.

Our Vision:
King plastic aims to be known as the one of the most outstanding plastic manufacturing companies in the Pakistan and abroad while setting trends in product design and innovation in plastic manufacturing.


Our Mission:
The company aims to provide the most affordable and best-in-quality plastic products for its target customers through its commitment to the values of service, product excellence, and customer satisfaction to promote a mutually beneficial relationship with the consumers. King plastic promotes a culture of dignity and respect for its workers within the organization by making their welfare and benefits the company’s priority.

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